United Christian Boys Sr.Sec.School
United Christian Girls Sr.Sec.School
St. Thomas School (CBSE)
United Christian Primary School
Industrial Training Centre
United Christian Hostels
United Christian Homes
Poultry Farm
Dairy Farm
Fish Farm
Agriculture Farm
We are grateful to the following agencies and persons for their generous financial support and their valuable advice from time to time.
1. Diocese Of Chandigarh, Church of North India
2. Council of Vocational and Technical Education and Rural Development, Methodist Church in India 
3. Presbyterian Church, USA (http://www.pcusa.org)
4. Church Mission Society, UK (http://www.cms-uk.org)
5. Holistic Child Development of India 
6. Skills for Progress, Bangalore
7. First Presbyterian Church, USA 
8. Dr. Dean Sargeant, Nebraska, USA 
9. Mr. William and Mrs. Ruth Morgan, Ohio, USA 
10. Rev. Richard and Mrs. Margaret Allison, Tennessee, USA 
11. Derbyshire Diocese, UK