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The establishment of United Christian Institute is an expression of desire of its founding partners to participate in the task of educating young children particularly from rural and underprivileged background and by doing so initiating them into society as its full fledged members who are proficient in the basics of knowledge and skilled in its application with exemplary sense of dignity and citizenship. 

In order to fulfill this vision of its services to the community the Institution provides Primary and Secondary education along with Vocational Training through its various units without distinction of caste color or creed.  The Institute endeavors to interpret ate the prescribed curriculum in the way which not only meet specific need of the pupils of different talents but will also develop in them a scientific temperament and sense of creativity.

The institution has a special commitment towards Christian children to prepare them for leadership within the church and Christian organizations.  Besides this, all efforts are made so that our students continue the unique cultural traditions of our country and to be genuinely respectful to all religious faiths.